Nykredit obtains 75% of the shares in Sparinvest

In accordance with company announcement dated 1 March 2019, Nykredit entered into a conditional agreement with the owners behind Sparinvest Holdings SE for Nykredit to obtain 75% of the shares in Sparinvest. All conditions have now been met, and closing of the transaction has been completed.

As of today, Sparinvest is a subsidiary of the Nykredit Group.

Michael Rasmussen, Nykredit's Group Chief Executive:
– We have strengthened and expanded the alliance with the partner banks of Totalkredit in a number of areas over the past few years. We are now taking it one step further, joining together to offer investment products. By combining our efforts, we will obtain the best position to develop even more attractive products and provide even better customer experiences at both Sparinvest and Nykredit.

We will now start the process of combining the two companies. Peter Kjærgaard, Head of Nykredit Wealth Management:
– This process will take some time, but there is a huge potential: Significantly enhanced distribution power, even stronger wealth management expertise and a broader and improved product portfolio, which make for a strong platform to meet any new demands and needs that both personal and institutional clients place on us as an asset manager – also in the long run.

For further information about the transaction, please refer to company announcement dated 1 March 2019.


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